Accelerate the construction process

Our Construction Time Use solutions help to maximize elevator uptime and move construction site workers and material around the building more efficiently during the construction process.

Increase productivity on site

Our solutions optimize your site logistics plan for a faster construction process and improved construction site safety. Stop relying on construction hoists and accelerate your construction schedule.


Faster people and material flow

Speed up the construction process by using the interior elevator during building construction to move workers and material to the right place at the right time.


Earlier access to Construction Time Use

Gain access to Construction Time Use elevators even before reaching full height of the building


Effortless maintenance on site

Eliminate concerns about elevator performance with predictive maintenance for maximum uptime.

KONE construction time use elevator

KONE Construction Time Use elevators

KONE Construction Time Use elevators

We add protective materials to the final elevators so they can be used during construction time for quicker movement of people and materials on site. By using this solution it enables smooth and efficient internal logistics as the building façade can be closed earlier, while being safer and more cost-efficient than external hoists. This leads to you saving time and money.

KONE construction time use elevator

Construction Time Use uninterrupted

Construction Time Use uninterrupted

KONE 24/7 Connected Services is a round-the-clock diagnostics service that continuously gathers data on your equipment’s condition. We analyze this data in real time and use it to make intelligent, proactive decisions on how to solve any potential problems before they become an issue – or before they even occur.

KONE construction time use elevator

KONE JumpLift

KONE JumpLift

KONE JumpLift solutions provide access to Construction Time Use elevators at the earliest possible point in the construction schedule - even before the building has a roof. Our self-climbing construction time elevator solution makes efficient use of the building’s permanent elevator shaft during construction. With smoother, safer logistics your building can be completed and ready to start generating a return on investment more quickly.

KONE construction time use elevator

Easy elevator installation

Easy elevator installation

From detailed planning to professional project manangement, we priortize construction elevator safety and maximize efficiency to keep your project on schedule and on budget, with no surprises.

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